Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Crest Commercial Entries!

We received several entries. Here are the top ones for consideration. The $2000 Winner will be announced in two days and next contest announced.





Interestingly, Crest also submitted a bunch of videos that had been previously submitted to them for a contest they were doing that I didn't even know about. While I'm not considering these for the junglesmash contest some of these are pretty fun:

The Taste of Generation Now:

Crest Catch Phrase Tooth:

Goodj’s Crest Catchphrase:

Crest Get’s the Funk Out:

Joe’s Crest Commercial:




Bryan J Matthews said...

These are some really great videos. Marc and I really enjoyed putting together the Crest Wars entry.

Good luck to everyone, we both hope to see what you guys come up with for November!

Robert Jake said...
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Robert Jake said...

This is a cool little thing going on here. I plan on making my own video for the November contest. Just a few of my candid thoughts on each video:

Crest Wars:
By far my favorite video. It starts off a bit slow out of the gate, but I didn’t mind it because of the awesome Star Wars spoof theme. That’s probably because I’m a big Star Wars geek, but it does set things up nicely. Your video had an awesome crescendo the entire 1:45 and the ending with the little girl brushing with some more saber action actually had me laughing out loud. My two gripes were that the actual video quality lacked a bit and it is a bit seasonally specific (Halloween) but overall it was still great. The kids were absolutely adorable. Very cute, very original, very professional, very impressive. The clear favorite, in my opinion.

My Share of the Prize:
Very original idea and very professional feel. The background music is great and the guy who appears first in the video is an outstanding actor. Great expressions and timing. Although it starts off strong, for me, it gets a tad confusing. I also think you should have edited it down a little bit to give your audience (you tubers) more opportunity to stay engaged. For me, it dragged on a bit too long and although original, it didn’t say as much about the actual product as I would have expected. This video would work better to advocate for Jungle Smash, not Crest. Truthfully, you could have inserted any product in place of Crest and not changed the video at all. For instance, if Jungle Smash picked Heinz ketchup for November, you could make an identical video and just insert Heinz for Crest. In general, I'd expect to see more product specific content for a winning entry. Overall, you clearly have talent and this is a strong entry, but I think it falls short in a few areas.

Out of Crest Commercial:
Good video, but not quite as strong as the previous two. Very traditional commercial here, but not a lot of originality and you really didn’t go “all out.” If anything, your video left me with a few questions. If this guy is that obsessed with Crest toothpaste, why does he have so many tubes of other brands? It would have made more sense to me if he had tons of empty boxes of Crest. Also, why hit the tube with a flip flop? I think this video would have benefited significantly from editing it down. Again, I stress the audience: You Tubers. For success, videos need to be short and sweet with as little down time as possible to keep their attention. You have nearly 20 seconds of the guy brushing his teeth. Not a strong way to end. Overall, it was still a good idea, I thought the iron was a really good idea. But for me, it falls well short of the above two.

Break Up Commercial
I commend this video for its effort. But for me, the idea just isn’t that original or creative and like the previous video, you didn’t really go all out. The idea of this video has been done so many times. Breaking up with the significant other over different tastes in beer, conflicting cellular phone plans, not using energy saving light bulbs, etc. There is nothing wrong with the idea and I think if you had really tried to do something creative with it, changed things up a bit, it could have worked, but for me, it just fell flat. Maybe I’m just being hard on these last two because the first two set the bar so high, but this video doesn’t really touch the others in my opinion.

In general, I think every did a pretty good job. I also wanted to add that these are just my opinions and I mean no harm to anyone. I hope you all have it in you to give me constructive criticism next month!

*I managed to delete my old comment by mistake.

** After more time to reflect, I just wanted to add a few thoughts and make sure people know I am trying to be helpful, not mean.