Monday, December 15, 2008

The Monster Energy submissions - part 1

We received a bunch of submissions for the Monster Energy Drink JungleSmash-up. Here’s part one of the submissions. Please tell us what you think in the comments! The winner will be announced by week's end, plus new contest announced!

“Garage Can Opener Massacre”

“Monster Anonymous”

“Monster Metamorphis”

“Morning Routine”

“Target is on the move”


Part II: The Monster Energy Submissions!

Here’s Part II of the Monster JungleSmash-up submissions! Please tell us what you think of each one in the comments. Become an official movie reviewer for JungleSmash.


“Control Tower”

“Alarm Clock”

“Spend Your Stimulus Check on Monster Energy Drink”

“Stuck Inside”

“Keeps You Up”

“Monster On the Set”


“In case of Emergency”

“Watching TV”

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Win $2000: The Monster Energy Smashup Challenge!

Contest #2: The Monster Energy Smash-UP

I can't wake up without a Monster in the morning. We have nothing to do with Monster Energy but we are offering $2000 to anyone who makes the best Monster Energy commercial. 

The rules are simple: 

1) Make a video. Post it on youtube. 
2) Email us the link at 
3) We are the judges. 
4) Post by December 10. The decision will come a few days after that. 

We PROMISE: no ties. One first place winner will be announced. 

To see prior entries plus our initial post of what we like, scroll below. 


Monday, November 10, 2008

Its a tie!

$1000 each goes to our two winners:

Crest Wars


My Share of The Prize

To see the two winners, scroll down to the post below where you can view them.

Congrats to our two winners of the Crest Commerical Contest.

Tomorrow morning, we announce our newest contest!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Crest Commercial Entries!

We received several entries. Here are the top ones for consideration. The $2000 Winner will be announced in two days and next contest announced.





Interestingly, Crest also submitted a bunch of videos that had been previously submitted to them for a contest they were doing that I didn't even know about. While I'm not considering these for the junglesmash contest some of these are pretty fun:

The Taste of Generation Now:

Crest Catch Phrase Tooth:

Goodj’s Crest Catchphrase:

Crest Get’s the Funk Out:

Joe’s Crest Commercial:



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Win $2000! - The Crest Toothpaste Smash-up Challenge!

Contest #1 - The Crest Toothpaste Smash-UP

Note: we have nothing to do with Crest toothpaste. We just love it and it keeps our breath smelling fresh. Plus it possibly prevents cavities.

The Challenge: go all out making the most original, clever, Crest toothpaste video you can think of.

Rules: Its simple:

1. Make a video and load the video up on youtube.
2. Email us the link at
3. We are the judges. We'll post the top entrants here on this blog. Everyone can argue the pros and cons of each video in the comments section.
4. Thats it. Post by November 1. On November 3, we pick the winner and then announce the next contest.

In case you're wondering what sorts of commercials we like, here's some examples:

The Coke Hilltop commercial:

The 1984 Apple Macintosh commercial

The Paris Hilton Carl Jrs Commercial

Virgin Mobile had a contest where people enter videos "stripping for charity". Here's one of the submissions:

Fatboy Slim challenged people to submit videos his sound "That Old Pair of Jeans". Here's one of our favorite submissions: