Monday, November 10, 2008

Its a tie!

$1000 each goes to our two winners:

Crest Wars


My Share of The Prize

To see the two winners, scroll down to the post below where you can view them.

Congrats to our two winners of the Crest Commerical Contest.

Tomorrow morning, we announce our newest contest!


Robert Jake said...

That's too bad. If you are offering $2000 to the video that is the best and you have two videos that are the best - you should pay both $2000.

Or make it easier on your wallet and be prepared to pick an actual winner. $1000 is nothing to complain about, but it is 50% less than the participants thought they were competing for.

This is exactly why Americans hate soccer.

Amanda said...

My Share of the Prize? Really?

I have to agree with Robert Jake's previous comment about that being more of a commercial for this contest than for Crest. They knew what they were doing production-wise, but their concept lacked a lot.