Sunday, October 5, 2008

Win $2000! - The Crest Toothpaste Smash-up Challenge!

Contest #1 - The Crest Toothpaste Smash-UP

Note: we have nothing to do with Crest toothpaste. We just love it and it keeps our breath smelling fresh. Plus it possibly prevents cavities.

The Challenge: go all out making the most original, clever, Crest toothpaste video you can think of.

Rules: Its simple:

1. Make a video and load the video up on youtube.
2. Email us the link at
3. We are the judges. We'll post the top entrants here on this blog. Everyone can argue the pros and cons of each video in the comments section.
4. Thats it. Post by November 1. On November 3, we pick the winner and then announce the next contest.

In case you're wondering what sorts of commercials we like, here's some examples:

The Coke Hilltop commercial:

The 1984 Apple Macintosh commercial

The Paris Hilton Carl Jrs Commercial

Virgin Mobile had a contest where people enter videos "stripping for charity". Here's one of the submissions:

Fatboy Slim challenged people to submit videos his sound "That Old Pair of Jeans". Here's one of our favorite submissions:


stevefoto said...

Get folks to create your ad, and get them to buy your product?
not really!
its fun but no connect to buying.

get folks to create vids on healthcare and will they get healthy? not really.

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now that gets results

Amanda said...

Is this contest still happening..??

pblsn2 said...

when will the winner be announced? an anxious entrant.

sean said...

Hey James. I have a site, called AdBakery, that's experimenting in this same space. Check it out here.

I'd love to chat with you about the idea.