Monday, December 15, 2008

The Monster Energy submissions - part 1

We received a bunch of submissions for the Monster Energy Drink JungleSmash-up. Here’s part one of the submissions. Please tell us what you think in the comments! The winner will be announced by week's end, plus new contest announced!

“Garage Can Opener Massacre”

“Monster Anonymous”

“Monster Metamorphis”

“Morning Routine”

“Target is on the move”


Part II: The Monster Energy Submissions!

Here’s Part II of the Monster JungleSmash-up submissions! Please tell us what you think of each one in the comments. Become an official movie reviewer for JungleSmash.


“Control Tower”

“Alarm Clock”

“Spend Your Stimulus Check on Monster Energy Drink”

“Stuck Inside”

“Keeps You Up”

“Monster On the Set”


“In case of Emergency”

“Watching TV”